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Altered Alphabet stickers

Hi there,

I know I’m not showing or teaching anything WOW!!! or new,but I just wanted to show how you can alter just about anything to fit in with your style or your project.I wanted to add interest to my layout with stickers.First I was going to stick the letters down with foam dots,but then this idea popped into my head…DSC_1193

This is what I did:

DSCN3950You will need:

Alphabet stickers (I had round ones)


Glue (I chose glue dots)

Dimensional glue (I used the “Mod Podge Dimensional Magic”)

DSCN3949These buttons are very precious to me. When Mother-in-Law passed away,I took all her bottles and bottles of buttons,so every time I use some of her buttons,I think of her in loving memory…I selected round,flat buttons with “hollow”…So the liquid (glue) can stay put….

DSCN3954Next I used glue dots to stick the letters into the button ‘hollows’…


DSCN3955Give your dimensional medium a good shake and then carefully add it on top of the stickers. Don’t go over the edges….


DSCN3956Like the 3D it gives….Don’t be impatient….It took a long time to dry,I left it over night….Then it’s ready to use on your project!

Hope this was informative to someone out there…

Thanks for your precious time.

Till next time