Interactive Photo Book ~ Not so Mini Album

I am  very inspired lately to make books ~ interactive books,where I can be as creative as I want to be and to use all my scrapbooking stuff that I have collected through the years……I have no more space to store Layouts,so I am making books that can be put out on a table or shelve to page through and enjoy the pretty papers and embellishments….I want to use what I have and refuse to keep buying stuff that I never use….I have saved so many usable boxes and containers and my house is starting to burst out of it’s seams….and I am having so much fun….

This is the book or photo folder that I made:

Interactive Photo Folder

The idea is to put all my child’s school photos in and I though to make it look like a school bag…

I added a handle at the top and it sturdy enough to carry it like that….I used a brass closure to keep it closed….I used what I had in my stash….and around the house….

To make this book I recycled or re used a box that a book order came in from Amazon…we order a lot of books and this was the perfect size…..


This box is bigger that 12 x 12 papers, so I painted the edges with black paint and then covered it with papers from Colorbok ‘Delilah’

The spine could not take more than 3 hinges….So I used the ‘Hidden Hinge’ from Kathy Orta King   – Go watch her videos on Youtube…. I made 3 pages as the base…..

I get carried away and have SO Many ideas….I build on those 3 pages,I made layered pockets,side pockets,flips and flaps and inserts…Pockets and flaps

On the inside covers in the front and in the back , I made a Big envelopes to hold more photos and memories… Envelope with ‘waterfall album’

Envelope with ‘waterfall album’

The front and back envelopes – it’s stuck down to the inside of the front and back covers:

The back (yellow) envelope:Envelope with elastic band to keep photos from falling out and a pocket

On to the middle of the book ~ The box had two flaps and I decide to use that with an elastic band and a button to keep the pages on the right side of the book, keep it neat…

This is what you see when you open those two flaps….

On the Left is the front cover with the ‘envelope’ and on the Right is the first page. The page have a flap that opens up to two pockets that folds open with place for photos and photo mats….I used Rub off stickers from Kaisercraft through out the book to add some sentiments…Page 1-

Page 1

Page 1 – with pockets,flaps and photo mats

Page 2 has two side pockets with photo mats and a booklet on the Left and a flap with a flip open pocket with photo mats…

Page 2

Page 2 – with plastic envelopes and a booklet (L)

Page 2 – the booklet insert

Page 2 – the booklet….

Page 2 (R) with a big flap and a big side pocket with photo mats

Page 2 Photo mats in pocket

Page 2 with place for a big 8×11 photo

Page 3 has a side pocket (Inspired by Kathy Orta King from Paper Phenomenon Fan Club) – with space for photos on th photo mats and for a big 8×11 photo on the (L). The (R) have place for a 8×11 photo and a little concertina-fold album…


Page 3

Page 3

Page 4 – on the (L) has space for a 8×11 photo or two 8×6 photos. I added tabs so you can just slide the photos in and you don’t have to stuck them down..On the (R) is two flaps with place for photos and it flips open to a ‘Belly-band’ with extra photo mats and a 8×11 photo…

Page 4

Page 4 ‘Belly-band’ with photo mats

Page 4 with photo mats

Page 4 photo mats

Page 5 – the last page (L) has space for a 8×11 photo and two flip open pockets with photo mats. Again,I am using old things that I have had in my stash for years!!!! Papers from Colorbok,fabric covered button/brads from Doodlebug Designs and cute little paper clips,Rub-on stickers and quotes from Kaisercraft…the elastic bands are from my sewing stash…. On the (R) is the big envelope, stuck to the back cover, the same as on the front cover…

Page 5

Page 5 (L)

Page 5 Place for 8×11 photo

Page 5/6 Envelope

Page 5/6 Envelope

Page 5/6 Envelope fully open with photo mats

Page 5/6 Envelope with elastic band to keep photos from falling out

The book from the top

The handle and  brass clasp

Scrappy By Choice


And that was my book that kept me busy for two weeks…I will show it again later after I put the photos in. I have a Face Book page: Scrappy By Choice and a video on Youtube…Not sure yet how to get it on my blog…

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