Altered Chocolate Box ~ My Valentine’s

5 April 2016

Hello fellow scrappers. I have not spent much time blogging,I was too busy visiting with my suster…. We have to tell our people that we Love them…show them how much,so I was given a box of chocolates and I could not bring myself to through the empty box out….I made something with it to keep forever….

My Valentine’s ~ Altered chocolate Box


This is how I did it : First I ate all the chocolates….I ate them slowly and took my time to really appreciate each and every one….Chocolates goes very well with coffee,while scrapping…..

Then when they were all gone, I covered the lid with papers from Prima’s ‘Tea-Thyme’ col and  cut a ‘heart’ out of the lid..DSCN1285

Next I decorated the lid with Prima flowers and hung a little ‘banner’ at the top… I then covered the rest (bottom) of the box. I added a photo of us three and added some more Prima flowers…. DSCN1291

I put the lid back on….and inked the edges… Done!! A pretty keepsake…DSCN1298

Some close ups…






Thank You for your visit

Till next time


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