Graduation Interactive Book

Hello , Long time no see…. I am dreaming up all these projects and it takes time to make it all. I never thought making a book from scratch could take so long. I was asked to make a book for a friend who’s son is graduating this month and I accepted the challenge. First I had to search for Graduation paper as I have none in my stash.I order all my stuff from my favorite online site: Second,I have never,ever made a book like this for someone else…I was a little nervous….After watching a load of tutorials on Youtube,I settled down at my table and got down with it. This is what I made:-

Graduation Interactive Book

This book is a Big one!! 10X10″ and the spine measures 31/2X10″. The cover was made from good,sturdy chipboard. I don’t decorate my books too much.I like the idea that it could be stored in a book shelve,just like a real book – ūüôā¬† I used 3 different paper collections to make this book and I am happy how well it all mixed and matched. I used Simple Stories ‘Grad’, Karen Foster Design ‘ Hats Off’ and paper from Scrapbook Customs. I added a black ribbon and a paper and foil embellishment. The tassel is part of a ‘Book mark’ I made for added interest.

Graduation Interactive Book

View from the top:- I could fit 6 pages in the spine. The book is chunky,but No ‘crocodile mouth’ and No cracking!!

Graduation Interactive Book

With all the pockets,flaps and fold outs there is place for 120 and more photos.

Graduation Interactive Book

Very happy that my paper did not crack.When you make something for someone else,you want it to be as Perfect as possible! I love the black and white paper! So stylish!


In the next blog entry I would like to share the process of how I constructed the book…but for now…it’s bed time!!

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Mini Album/ Photo Folder ~ Friendship

Friendship Photo Folder

I made this photo folder this week just because. The folder/book measure 9 1/2 X 10″ . I could fit 2 pages in there with many flips and pockets. This little folder can hold 55 – 60 photos! I am on a quest to use up my stash! I’ve got enough stuff to make hundreds of books……


Folder with many fold outs,pockets and photo mats

The cover is made from cardboard and covered with papers from Colorbok ‘Poolside’ collection. I made the pages and pockets with black card stock and matted it with patterned paper.

The front Cover


Page 1 & 2

Page 1 (L) with a big pocket and a photo mat.The strip has a velgro dot to keep it closed and to keep the photos from falling out. Page 2¬† (R) has place for 2 big photos (5X8) on either side and can slide in behind the fussy cut flowers. The page flips open to the right….

Page 1 & 2

…the page flips open and 2X photo mats/pockets (4X6) with photo mats peek out…underneath that there is a ‘corner pocket’ with a photo mat. These two pages can hold 20 photos….

Page 1 & 2

The ‘Corner Pocket’ with the photo mat.

Page 3 & 4

Page 3 (L)¬† has two pockets with photo mats and a pocket that flips up with a photo mat inside. These can all hold 4X6 photos or smaller ones…. Page 4 (R) is a ‘Waterfall’ album with place for 20 4X6 photos. It is closed with a band made with Spellbinder dies and my die cutting machine.The band has a velgro dot to keep it closed. (I have no magnets)

Page 3

Page 4 ‘Waterfall’

Page 5 & 6

Page 5 (L) flips open to the left. A big photo can go on here….Page 6 (R) is an ‘envelope that’s kept closed with a elastic band and a ‘Brad’ from Doodlebug

Page 5

Flipped open – there is a side pocket with a photo mat…

Page 6 ‘Envelope’

Envelope flips open…

Page 6 ‘Envelope’

Inside the envelope is a ‘Belly band’ with a pocket. There is a photo mat in and a tag for journaling….

A Few Close Ups…

The ‘Waterfall’

Front Cover

Back Cover

Page 1 Pocket

Page 2 – Fussy cut Flowers

Page 2 – Corner Pocket

Page 3 – Double Pocket with Photo mats

Page 4 – ‘Waterfall’

Page 6 – Inside the Envelope with Belly Band

Friendship Photo Folder

The whole book/folder ~ only two pages with place for 55 – 60 photos!!

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Adding photos to my Photo folder

Adding photos to the Photo Folder

The idea was to make a book to keep all my child’s school photos in one place.This album can take a lot of photos!! I am very pleased with the way it turned out and it’s easy to page through and just to enjoy the photos! Paging through,I feel kind of sad to see how¬† fast my little baby girl has grown ~ but at the same time I admire and feel proud of the Beautiful young lady she is becoming. I like this book! This book is holding photos from Preschool,Kindergarden and right up to this year – Gr6!!

Photos in the ‘Waterfall’

Photo in the pockets

Crop photos to fit

Photos on the photo mats (4×6 and 5×7)

Kids art ~ Laminated and in a pocket (this is mommy and daddy)

Photos in the PVC plastic envelopes

Big photo

Photos on the photo mats

Photos in the little ‘Booklet’ insert

Photos in the little ‘Booklet’ insert ~ See how she grew!! From Kindergarden to Gr6

Photos on the photo mats in the side pocket

Big Photo 8×10

There is so much more space!! This book can hold a lot of photos! I am impressed ~ if I may say so my self! ūüôā

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Interactive Photo Book ~ Not so Mini Album

I am¬† very inspired lately to make books ~ interactive books,where I can be as creative as I want to be and to use all my scrapbooking stuff that I have collected through the years……I have no more space to store Layouts,so I am making books that can be put out on a table or shelve to page through and enjoy the pretty papers and embellishments….I want to use what I have and refuse to keep buying stuff that I never use….I have saved so many usable boxes and containers and my house is starting to burst out of it’s seams….and I am having so much fun….

This is the book or photo folder that I made:

Interactive Photo Folder

The idea is to put all my child’s school photos in and I though to make it look like a school bag…

I added a handle at the top and it sturdy enough to carry it like that….I used a brass closure to keep it closed….I used what I had in my stash….and around the house….

To make this book I recycled or re used a box that a book order came in from Amazon…we order a lot of books and this was the perfect size…..


This box is bigger that 12 x 12 papers, so I painted the edges with black paint and then covered it with papers from Colorbok ‘Delilah’

The spine could not take more than 3 hinges….So I used the ‘Hidden Hinge’ from Kathy Orta King¬†¬† – Go watch her videos on Youtube…. I made 3 pages as the base…..

I get carried away and have SO Many ideas….I build on those 3 pages,I made layered pockets,side pockets,flips and flaps and inserts…Pockets and flaps

On the inside covers in the front and in the back , I made a Big envelopes to hold more photos and memories…¬†Envelope with ‘waterfall album’

Envelope with ‘waterfall album’

The front and back envelopes – it’s stuck down to the inside of the front and back covers:

The back (yellow) envelope:Envelope with elastic band to keep photos from falling out and a pocket

On to the middle of the book ~ The box had two flaps and I decide to use that with an elastic band and a button to keep the pages on the right side of the book, keep it neat…

This is what you see when you open those two flaps….

On the Left is the front cover with the ‘envelope’ and on the Right is the first page. The page have a flap that opens up to two pockets that folds open with place for photos and photo mats….I used Rub off stickers from Kaisercraft through out the book to add some sentiments…Page 1-

Page 1

Page 1 – with pockets,flaps and photo mats

Page 2 has two side pockets with photo mats and a booklet on the Left and a flap with a flip open pocket with photo mats…

Page 2

Page 2 – with plastic envelopes and a booklet (L)

Page 2 – the booklet insert

Page 2 – the booklet….

Page 2 (R) with a big flap and a big side pocket with photo mats

Page 2 Photo mats in pocket

Page 2 with place for a big 8×11 photo

Page 3 has a side pocket (Inspired by Kathy Orta King from Paper Phenomenon Fan Club) – with space for photos on th photo mats and for a big 8×11 photo on the (L). The (R) have place for a 8×11 photo and a little concertina-fold album…


Page 3

Page 3

Page 4 – on the (L) has space for a 8×11 photo or two 8×6 photos. I added tabs so you can just slide the photos in and you don’t have to stuck them down..On the (R) is two flaps with place for photos and it flips open to a ‘Belly-band’ with extra photo mats and a 8×11 photo…

Page 4

Page 4 ‘Belly-band’ with photo mats

Page 4 with photo mats

Page 4 photo mats

Page 5 – the last page (L) has space for a 8×11 photo and two flip open pockets with photo mats. Again,I am using old things that I have had in my stash for years!!!! Papers from Colorbok,fabric covered button/brads from Doodlebug Designs and cute little paper clips,Rub-on stickers and quotes from Kaisercraft…the elastic bands are from my sewing stash…. On the (R) is the big envelope, stuck to the back cover, the same as on the front cover…

Page 5

Page 5 (L)

Page 5 Place for 8×11 photo

Page 5/6 Envelope

Page 5/6 Envelope

Page 5/6 Envelope fully open with photo mats

Page 5/6 Envelope with elastic band to keep photos from falling out

The book from the top

The handle and  brass clasp

Scrappy By Choice


And that was my book that kept me busy for two weeks…I will show it again later after I put the photos in. I have a Face Book page: Scrappy By Choice and a video on Youtube…Not sure yet how to get it on my blog…

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Inter Active Book ~ Photo folder

Did I tell you how much I love recycling or ‘up-cycling’? I see something and think..mmm…I could do something with this and then I save it for a ‘rainy (or a snowy) day’ ~ I don’t have enough storage anymore to save boxes,so I better start making stuff….We order a lot of books online and when I saw this box from Amazon ~ I had an idea to make a book or photo folder with it…..Up cycled¬†

The box from Amazon was just the perfect size to make this photo folder….The idea is to put school photos in here and I wanted it to look like a schoolbag…. The inside had two flaps and I was going to cut them off at first,but I decided they made it look more interesting . I used an elastic loop around a button from Doodlebug Design The papers are from Colorb√łk ‘Dahlia’

Next up I will show you a few more details…

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Keeper Box for my Mini Album

Hi ~ Back to recycling:

I LOVE drinking coffee ~ it’s one of my favorite hobbies… that and creating…giving my imagination some wings… When I made a mini album for my friend’s birthday,I wanted to make it a little more special. I wanted to put the little album in a special box….and the empty coffee box just sat there…staring at me…and Boom!!! I had a vision….

First I had to measure if it would fit ~:

Perfect fit ~: with a little room to grow…. Perfect fit

I cut the box at an angle and then covered it in black card stock…

To cover it in card stock,it made the box a little bit more sturdy…

Then I covered the box in the same card stock I did the mini album with….It is a paper stag by Colorb√łk “Fresh Linen”

I am very Happy the way it turned out!!

When creating,you have to look around you and use what you have…You don’t always have to have the best craft room,the best supplies or the best tools ~ just use what you have!!

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Mini Album ~ Brag Book for Grandma

I Love the idea of recycling! You can do so much to reduce household trash. I have started saving the cardboard boxes to use for creating projects and this is the first one -:

I made this little mini album for a friend’s birthday. The idea was for her to put all her photos of her Grandkids in the same place…and of cause to ‘brag’ with them to the other grandma’s….

Brag Book for Grandma

Brag Book for Grandma

I used,recycled or ‘Up-cycled a cereal box for the covers of the little book…

Cut in halve,I could make two mini albums…

First I covered the ‘covers’ with white card stock¬† (it made it a little more sturdy) and then I covered it with a chosen sheet of paper.

Next up,I made the pages…Instead of making ‘hinges’ I just scored and folded the paper at 1/2″ – the little book was to be light and not too bulky.

With the pages (5) all in,I am ready to decorate…I am using the papers from Colorb√łk ~ I have had this paper in my stash for a long time and it was time to use it…

Colorb√łk “Fresh Linen”

After some planning and cutting and preparing my papers I am ready to get busy playing….Page 1 ~ with a pocket on the (L) with place for a tag and some photos. The (R) side folds open for more photos…

Page 2 ~¬† (L) with a pocket in the middle that flips open to the side….

Page 3 ~ With pages tabs that flips up and down Page 3 ~ fully open

Page 4 (L) ~ with a pocket the flips open…

Page 5 ~ the (R) side of the page pulls out….Page 5 ~ Pulled out….

Page 5Page 5

And that was my little album….Place for more than 40 photos!

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Mini Album ~ Memories

Hello hello hello….

Wow!! I have not been on my blog for ages….

I have been so busy with live and living that I have had no time to scrapbook…To get back into being Creative,I decided to make mini albums and interactive books to use my papers and stuff. I am enjoying this…

This is a very chunky little book…..

I have watched many many youtube videos and tutorials on how to construct a book like this and in the beginning it was quit the challenge….. I used what I had on hand. I was going to use what was in my stash and was not going to buy anything new…. I used chipboard and cardboard… ¬† The Cover

Making the hinges (I believe it’s called Hidden hinges)

I used a lot of double sided tape…

Ready to put the pages in…

Happy with it so far…

Ready to decorate my pages…

Page 1 :

On the left is a pocket with a photo booklet and some tags. I used Prima and Petaloo flowers.The page on the right folds open and have place for photos and tags. I used a magnet to keep it closed.

Booklet on first page. I used Tim Holtz ‘Birdcage’ diecut and it holds the tags and photos in place.

Page 2 ~ on the left is a ‘bellieband’ with a magnet behind it to keep the photo mat from falling out….again some flowers from Prima and Petaloo.

Page 2 ~ on the right,I made a photo folder that opens up for placing photos.I used a magnet on the ‘flap’ to keep it closed.

Page 2 ~ all open….

Page 3 ~ On the left is a corner pocket with a little photo booklet…

Page 3 ~ On the right I made a frame that can flip open to reveal another frame….the photo can be slipped in on top..

Page 3 ~ all open…

Page 4 flips open….

page 4 on the right flips open…

page 4…

Detail an page 4 (L) ~ the birdcage is only stuck down on on side to slip the tags and photos in on the side….

Page 5 ~  (L) Р3 stag pocket with tags and places to put photos..

Page 5 (R) with a pull out photo mat…

Page 6 ~ Two ‘waterfall’ albums that together it will hold 20 photos. It is kept closed with two ‘bands’ made with my Cuttlebug and Spellbinders dies,each have a magnet to keep everything in place…

Page 7 ~ (L) – with a pocket to hold tags and photos….

Page 7 ~ (R) – with a little photo booklet that flips open…

Page 7 ~ all open…

Cuttlebug and Spellbinders diecuts to make all the closures for the album….

All the pages are double and have a pocket that opens to make place for removable photo mats….

The end….

I really had a lot of fun making this book…It’s not so mini in the end!!! You could fit a hundred or more photos into this little chunky book!!!

Thank You for looking…

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‘Wish I Could Turn Back The Time’

April 14 2016

How time flies!!! My baby is growing up so fast and I do wish that I could just turn back the time… A very long time ago I made this LO and entered it to the ‘Long Title – Challenge’ over at Scrap That (monthly kit club) . I started scrapbooking a long time ago and is trying to bring all my favorite creations ‘under the same roof’ in my blog….

‘Wish I could turn back the time’


I used plain card stock from the kit. I used a stencil and some thick gesso to make the back ground. While the gesso was still wet,I sprinkled micro beads to it and some of it stayed… I used some different alphabet stickers to make the title a little more interesting. I Love Prima flowers and added some yellow roses from the ‘Interlude’ collection,the gorgeous little vine from the ‘Ladybird’ col ,a cute doily from the ‘Love Note’ col together with wood icons and the metal clock with hands…I mixed in some velvet flowers from Petaloo and stickers and die cut pieces from Kaisercraft.

My baby is 10 years old now…..turning back the time is still on my wishlist!! But I am enjoying her friendship now!!

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Altered Chocolate Box ~ My Valentine’s

5 April 2016

Hello fellow scrappers. I have not spent much time blogging,I was too busy visiting with my suster…. We have to tell our people that we Love them…show them how much,so I was given a box of chocolates and I could not bring myself to through the empty box out….I made something with it to keep forever….

My Valentine’s ~ Altered chocolate Box


This is how I did it : First I ate all the chocolates….I ate them slowly and took my time to really appreciate each and every one….Chocolates goes very well with coffee,while scrapping…..

Then when they were all gone, I covered the lid with papers from Prima’s ‘Tea-Thyme’ col and¬† cut a ‘heart’ out of the lid..DSCN1285

Next I decorated the lid with Prima flowers and hung a little ‘banner’ at the top… I then covered the rest (bottom) of the box. I added a photo of us three and added some more Prima flowers…. DSCN1291

I put the lid back on….and inked the edges… Done!! A pretty keepsake…DSCN1298

Some close ups…






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